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Originally Posted by Snake79 View Post
Hi. I have black screen using attached config (os41fe) when trying to open settings window by 'f12'. After that, i can only back to desktop with 'escape' and close emulator by 'alt+f4'.
That is happening when using Fullscreen (1920x1080) with Low latency VSync (or without it).
When using Full-window (1920x1080) with Low latency VSync everything is ok.
Tested with official 3.3.0 and 3.4.0 betas.
PS. I'm using Win10 1607 (14393.222) and latest GeForce drivers (on previous was the same).
Happens to me also, A workaround (that works for me) is to open a folder or text file etc before launching WinUAE, then when you press f12 and get the black screen you can alt+tab back to the desktop and alt+tab again to bring up the WinUAE settings window.
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