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I added extra path if IAudioClient3 open succeeds, first log current values (GetSharedModeEnginePeriod and GetCurrentSharedModeEnginePeriod), then call InitializeSharedAudioStream (only if shared mode and new buffer size is smaller than default returned by GetSharedModeEnginePeriod). Then log GetSharedModeEnginePeriod values again.

Unfortunately I only get: default=480, min=480, max=480. Returned buffer is also always 1056 samples. (SoundBlaster Z, June 2016 drivers. I also have onboard realtek but it is disabled because last time I tested it, it also installed some useless and broken shell extension..)

Does that relate to shared or exclusive mode?
Neither. Offload is the new mode added in Windows 10, mainly designed for lower power consumption (less data copying). It won't help with latency.

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