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I don't think "dulled down" is a fair thing to say, it would be fair to say "not as much rare or diverse retro equipment from one line of systems" - after all if you are playing Speedball 2 on an A4000 or an A500 its the same experience.

In regards to "Amiga" shops, the only one that I know in the UK would be AmigaKit and their attendance will be strictly business based decision where "foot-fall versus sales" as at the end of the day they have to pay to be there and put food on their tables at home.

Its funny you mention a Vampire 2 equipped A600 on display - I should of taken mine, sadly I was too busy last week to think to take it. To be fair I would have had the RCM guys have for the day for play and display, but I had to leave earlier on the Saturday - that and I think the RCM team would of beaten me up for the V2 lol .

Sadly I think what you wanted was a smaller more focused Amiga gathering, with more diverse hardware like big-box Amiga's and set ups. I would humbly suggest the "Cheltonian Geek fest" next year and Play Blackpool / Glasgow - I would also suggest hooking up with people from AmiBay (there's a few from Mancland )
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