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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Your log has no errors from WASAPI API which means I can only blame your sound driver.

"pull overflow" means WASAPI events don't happen or don't happen fast enough. (In your case it looks like they never come).
The peculiar thing is that if I lower the soundcard latency setting to 256, then winuae setting 512 will work. If I lower soundcard latency setting to 128 then WinUAE setting 256 upwards will work. I just seems odd that with equivalent sizes it hangs or produces no sound.

This also never happens with any of the other sound modes (wasapi, dsound, asio, wdm-ks all are fine), which makes it odd that only wsapi-ex is affected by this.

But then again maybe it is a driver issue...

You can try forcing crash dump when it hangs and attaching it. (task manager -> select winua.exe > create dump file. Use 32-bit version.
OK, Ill try this...
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