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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I tried AudioClient2 GetBufferSizeLimits() but it only returns AUDCLNT_E_OFFLOAD_MODE_ONLY. Bah.
Does that relate to shared or exclusive mode?

Not sure whether the following may help, but in any case a related problem is mentioned here:

From reading the last comment from the OP to his own question, the solution seems to be in this part of the MS article

Which says "In order to measure the roundtrip latency for different buffer sizes, users need to install a driver that supports small buffers. The inbox HDAudio driver has been updated to support buffer sizes between 128 samples (2.66ms@48kHz) and 480 samples (10ms@48kHz). The following steps show how to install the inbox HDAudio driver (which is part of all Windows 10 SKUs)"

"After reboot, the system will be using the inbox Microsoft HDAudio driver and not the 3rd-party codec driver. Remember which driver you were using before, so that you can fallback to that driver, if you want to use the optimal settings for your audio codec."
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