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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
"No sound" does not include enough information
(error log message?)
I just tested with quickstart (because that is what you like ), only changing soundmode to wasapi-ex, setting 2. Soundcard latency setting is at 512. It gives an interesting results, starting it in this way makes WinUAE hang right at boot. I have to kill the process via task manager. What is saved is attached in the first log.

I also tested with quickstart at sound setting 3 (768) and then it runs normally. Log (2) also attached.

Then I started my regular config, sound is playing, then changing soundsetting to 2, there is no sound anymore. Log (3) also attached. From a quick glance at the log, it gets completely flooded with " pull overflow! 2048 2048 2048" . See from line 11428 onwards in the log.

EDIT2: I guess that option is made for applications that don't ask for buffer size and only wants some default. That causes problem if application really wants the buffer size it requests.
From what I understand it is (should?) mainly be an ASIO feature. All cards that have an ASIO driver also have this (or similar) panel to at least control the ASIO audio latency.

The ESI manual doesn' t explicitly say whether or not it only affects the ASIO latency or all exclusive modes or everything else also.

Since the documentation on this stuff (google) is so scarce, I'm still sitting on the fence whether or not this is a driver issue or not.

I guess that WinUAE setting 512 should at least work (produce sound) when sound panel latency is also at 512, whereas currently it either hangs or produces no sound.
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