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If I can offer my perspective - Shows like Play Expo exist to fill as much of an audience as possible, combining lots of different communities under one roof. Like most of the members here I am not overly interested in the "new" tech like PS4/XBone's nor their software for the most part - however I was quite taken with the new Battle Zone .

My passion is the communities that have their focus on Retro Gaming - (this does include board games for me atleast). What I find is that this show does what others simply cannot do in the same scale is create cross "pollination" through many communities, like CosPlay, Board/RPG Games/ Pinball Enthusiasts, Classic Arcade machines and a whole host of niche Retro computing communities - all with a bit of the present generation of systems- basically its a bit for everyone - while some people who focus on one particular niche or community, they might find the only bits their interested in is limited others would gorge / feast on quite a lot what's on offer.

With small groups like EAB / AmiBay meets you get a very tight focus and group of friends, its more of an intimate gathering and because of that a totally different experience than that of a large show like Play Expo.

But a little bit about corporate presence (Sony/MS) these help pay for the event and because of that these shows can be bigger, allowing them to have more focused communities. It raises the profile allowing for more big names / developer teams to come and do talks with 'US' the community, providing more interest from other communities to also attend.

Corporate presence really has as much interest to me as a YouTube advert - however there will be some people interest in their services and products, some even excited and thats what its all about, getting as many people interested as possible.

Before doing these shows I had never heard of "Teenage Cancer Trust" or "Geek Pride" (Anti Bullying) and a whole host of others. This type of show really opens ones eye to lots of communities at once and inadvertently can help communities create ties with one another to more localized events as well.

For me its seeing people whom haven't used a retro system in a long while, where they geek out when they see XYZ computer and start a conversation about it with big grins and adoration for the system. and then its the kids that are sooo excited you think they just might explode! And of course spanking friends at various computer / arcade games - installing bragging rights for all time =)
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