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Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
I just installed the Demo and noticed that the included `wget` is a bit b0rked. Minor bug and doesn't affect functionality but it might lead someone quickly trying out the demo to conclude its not working right.
Could you be more specific as to what would need to be addressed?

The wget version included with Roadshow is a bit long in the tooth. Its purpose is, along with the ftp command, to allow for better versions of the wget and ftp commands to be installed by downloading these from AmiNet, for example. They are for "bootstrapping" the network installation, if you will.

As such, both commands are free of dependencies on libraries other than bsdsocket.library, of course. I believe the latest 68k port of the wget command does need ixemul.library to work, which is what I wanted to avoid. Roadshow is (as best as I could make it) self-contained.
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