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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
Its sad when some communities cannot be represented at the show - AmiBay couldn't attend this year, but the RCM (Retro Computing Museum) did and they brought one of their sit-down A3000 VR Machines!

Play Expo had about 20 Amiga's of various upgrade (desk top models) but only the most common - i.e. A500 / A600 and A1200 - and with modest upgrades - so I do see your point - when AmiBay was present a couple a years ago one would see a lot more diverse Amiga Equipment including big-box units and very custom systems as well as a very passionate community behind it.

AmiBay was invited sadly, it was difficult to get staff for event due to work and life - as volunteers its all a negative cost and AmiBay has been doing it for over 4 years including Blackpool's Play Expo's.

My hope is to get AmiBay next year - even if I have to do it my self LOL!


I am sorry to read that my friend, It would of been great to see you guys!

I do think, that the point of PLAY Expo, has been lost. It was originally setup by you retro guys and then all the big names swanned in and morphed into something completely different. Dont get me wrong, its great and everything. Just think retro stuff should be pride and place, instead of the new crappy consoles, .
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