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Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
about WASAPI EX: It is working now after I increase the sound buffer from 1 to 2.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Ok, so it can also happen when buffer is too small.
I noticed an issue in wasapi-ex mode that may be related to the above:

Issue 1: No sound when WinUAE sound setting is equal or smaller than sound card latency setting

My soundcard allows to set the soundcard latency value between 48-64-128-256-512-1024-2048 samples. (See page 18 of the manual here for a picture )

If I set the WinUAE sound buffer size in wasapi-ex mode equal or smaller than the sound panel latency setting there will be no sound. So setting the soundcard latency to "512 sample", then for WinUAE setting "1" (256) and "2" (512) there will be no sound. Only from setting "3" upwards there will be sound. Similarly when I set the soundcard latency value to "1024" then WinUAE sound setting "1" to "4" will produce silence. Only from setting "5" upwards there will be sound.

My hunch is that for people using onboard sound chips (Realtek etc) there's a default sound latency setting for the onboard chip that is fixed, most likely at something like 512 samples. Which would mean no sound out of WinUAE in Wasapi-ex mode for sound settings 1 and 2. Maybe this helps in explaining some of these "curious" issues with no sound playing.

I noticed a comment from mark_k about acquiring the minimum/smallest supported sound buffer value from the soundcard; possibly that could be used to circumvent above "no sound" issue for users.

Issue 2: Clicks and pops in wasapi-ex sound stream when soundcard latency setting is smaller than 512 samples (regardless of WinUAE sound setting)
A second issue that I'm experiencing with Wasapi-Ex mode is that when I set the sound card latency to anything below 512 samples, WinUAE will produce clicks and pops in the wasapi-ex sound stream, regardless of WinUAE sound buffer size/setting. With a soundcard latency setting of 512 or greater the sound is perfect.

This issue of clicks and pops in the soundstream for small sound card latency settings does not happen with any of the other sound modes, including ASIO and WDM-KS, they even run fine with a sound card latency setting of 48 samples (which is really small).

Any possible idea/clue why only wasapi-ex mode seems to affected by this issue?
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