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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Its sad when some communities cannot be represented at the show - AmiBay couldn't attend this year, but the RCM (Retro Computing Museum) did and they brought one of their sit-down A3000 VR Machines!

Play Expo had about 20 Amiga's of various upgrade (desk top models) but only the most common - i.e. A500 / A600 and A1200 - and with modest upgrades - so I do see your point - when AmiBay was present a couple a years ago one would see a lot more diverse Amiga Equipment including big-box units and very custom systems as well as a very passionate community behind it.

AmiBay was invited sadly, it was difficult to get staff for event due to work and life - as volunteers its all a negative cost and AmiBay has been doing it for over 4 years including Blackpool's Play Expo's.

My hope is to get AmiBay next year - even if I have to do it my self LOL!


I am sorry to read that my friend, It would of been great to see you guys!
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