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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Now AmigaAMP works. This is playing a radio streaming with wifi.

[ Show youtube player ]

The hardware I've got is the Amiga 1200, an accelerator ACA 1230/56, an Indivision AGA MKII, a clockport splitter by DJ Base, a RapidRoad and the Prisma Megamix. For wifi I use RoadShow. I made a launcher that starts it -in the video I had to click on it twice as the first time I didn't see all of the lights turning on- and an Orinoco PCMCIA wifi card.

You can be wondering why AmigaAMP (I'm using a beta version from the author) doesn't show the Scope running like when you use it on WinUAE with AKReal. Thomas Wencel told me that the Scope needs decoded data to run. When AmigaAMP does the decoding itself it's easy. But if the data is sent to the MAS player or to the Prisma Megamix, then the hardware does all off the decoding and sends it straight to its own output. AmigaAMP doesn't have a chance to look at it to see the levels.

Now I only miss a "PrismaMpeg.device" so I can also use AMPlifier.

Edit: I won't touch my hardware till I have it all working perfect, but I've got a new Fast ATA MKIV from Amigakit in the box as my latest one died. I will add it as it fits when everything is fully working.

any updates on the prisma megamix? why does it take so long to arrive?
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