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Originally Posted by grond View Post
Only the 040 FPU instructions will be implemented in hardware. The 882-only instructions will cause an internal trap that will result in emulation code being executed from the FPGA-ROM. This emulation code basically corresponds to what is in the 040.library for the same purpose. However, since this code is in the internal ROM (not kickrom or LIBS: ) the FPU will be 882-compatible immediately after power-on.
Ok, this sounds reasonable and similar to placing the 68040.library or 68060.library in the kickstart. I would hope they would implement the FINT/FINTRZ instruction in hardware as these are common and there is no fast and precise way to avoid them (huge mistake of the 68040). The FPU sadly seems to be a much lower priority than the SIMD unit which will get much less use.
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