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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Where do you see this? I keep seeing this claim but never anything to back it up. From everything I have read, the Apollo-core FPU will not have the 6888x instructions which were removed from the 68060 FPU. It should still be compatible with the 6888x by using software support just as the 68040 and 68060 FPU is. I could be wrong here but all 6888x instructions would take a huge amount of resources and logic to implement and store them in the FPGA.
Only the 040 FPU instructions will be implemented in hardware. The 882-only instructions will cause an internal trap that will result in emulation code being executed from the FPGA-ROM. This emulation code basically corresponds to what is in the 040.library for the same purpose. However, since this code is in the internal ROM (not kickrom or LIBS: ) the FPU will be 882-compatible immediately after power-on.
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