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Originally Posted by grond View Post
There are no 060 accelerators for either a500 or a600 and there is no vampire for any of the amigas that did get their 060 accelerators. Hence, all of this is hypothetical. But as for compatibility, the level of 68k compatibility of the 080 is actually better than that of the 060 because the 080 has all the instructions the 060 has plus several ones the 060 is missing.
I agree. The Apollo-core CPU should be more compatible with 68k CPUs before the 68060 than the 68060. Write through caches especially should help with self modifying code. Compatibility with the 68060 specifically may have some problems.

Originally Posted by grond View Post
The FPU will be 882-compatible and not stripped down like that of the 060.
Where do you see this? I keep seeing this claim but never anything to back it up. From everything I have read, the Apollo-core FPU will not have the 6888x instructions which were removed from the 68060 FPU. It should still be compatible with the 6888x by using software support just as the 68040 and 68060 FPU is. I could be wrong here but all 6888x instructions would take a huge amount of resources and logic to implement and store them in the FPGA.
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