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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
I'm of course looking at this from a demoscene centric point of view, but why would I as a user want to trade a known working platform (060-accelerator) for something that's not compatible enough (the vampire), if that results in a lot of demos not working anymore. Especially as the Vampire most definitely won't be getting any decent demos of it's own.

(EDIT) I do agree with others though, that there's a better possibility that people will get a Vampire to complement their collection. But the Vampire won't make 060-accelerators redundant in the scale you seem to suggest.
I know you're not a fan of the Vamp project but I don't understand why you feel the need to tell how it's not as compatible. First of all, like Grond pointed out, it has a very complete 68k instruction set, e the FPU is still missing - well have to wait and see about how good that one will be. Secondly, the Vamp brings a lot of other useful features to the table. I bet a lot of ppl would trade 100% compatibility for stuff like 24 bit color HD WB, HDMI out + other planned features. But most importantly, it's an FPGA, don't you think it will gradually improve over time to become faster and even more compatible? Ppl at the forums report bugs, and core is improved.. 👍

And while it "most definitely" will not be getting any 080 optimized demos from you, I wouldn't be so confident in predicting the future for everyone else in that matter. 😜

Regarding the "scale" at which ppl will replace their 060.. well that's obviously guesswork on my part, but it only needs to be as big as the amount of ppl who would today run and buy a 060 ACA or P5 accelerator for €400-500++
Difficult to say how many that would be..

I think it's a bit like with Oculus Rift. For a while everyone had the impression it would be in tight supply for a long time because of preorders, General hype and signs of big interest, it turns out after the eager and loud early adopters got their gear, the sales slowed down a lot.

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