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If there was an open-source or otherwise DIY 68060 card for the A1200/CD32/A4000 then all of this would be less of an issue because those of us interested could build our own.

There isn't one though, so it's a card from Jens which he cannot get enough CPUs for to make a production run available, a Vampire deriviant which doesn't exist yet, or the Phase5 announcement.

How about, since this is a thread about Phase5, we give them time to release something and THEN judge what they have released rather than trash talking the new owners of the Phase5 name/rights/etc?

Just an idea.
I mean if they release a load of crap supported by a pre-order scheme then flame away but right at the moment they've not really done anything wrong and the "community" is already attacking them for what the owners of the name did TWO companies previously.
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