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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
No, it will have to be 100% compatible WITH the 060 for people to trade their 060-cards. This is pretty crucial considering it's being marketed as a replacement for the 060, ALL old 060-software has to work on it.
I know you are assembler guru, so yeah, you're in the "I'm keeping my 060" category. But look at it from a different user perspective and things aren't as obvious anymore.
Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
People who have 060 cards are people who tend to have more than one Amiga, too. Like me (except I don't have an 060 card). I have an Apollo 3040 in my A3000. If i got a V3000, that Apollo would move into my A4000, thereby pushing an A3640 onto the market.
And I think that's what would generally occur; Vampire 1200 cards would result in 1260 card being put into the second A1200 of Vampire owners, thereby pushing a lot of tired old 1230 cards onto the second-hand market.
Maybe, but it could also be that you'd keep the 030 card because pretty much everything released back (90%++) then works fine, fast enough and with very few compatibility issues, whereas the other "power Amiga" would be the one you use for the other 10% like more recent ports of PC games and various other power hungry stuff.
And if this other would be a Vampire based Amiga, it would also run WB in HD True color and do other nice stuff. So looking at it from a practical perspective, most users might find themselves storing their 1260 cards in the drawer..

Oh well, speculation, speculation. As for the new Phake5 offers, I have a relaxed "wait and see" approach, but I am not really interested regardless.. it fills no gap I have.

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