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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
If we agree that the V1200 is coming in the future its pretty much guaranteed it will not be the same version of the core as the current "Gold 1".
Probably not, but that still doesn't guarantee compatibility with the 060, which for example for myself is crucial.

We all know they are working on the FPU...
Yes, and still, it's not guaranteed to be compatible due to a lot of other things.

so claiming I don't want it because of the current state of the core is... Oh well... I'll leave it there.. 😆
Well, considering the approach taken at the moment (ie. adding a lot of stupid extra features that will never get supported and might break compatibility), it's pretty safe to say that unless things change drastically in the vampire end of things, the current 060-owners won't trade their boards. Getting a Vampire to complement their 060-systems is another thing though.
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