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Originally Posted by dirkies View Post
I must admit initially the thought of a V4000 made me think "oh, so I can sell my Cyberstorm060 MK2 and get that instead, much faster!" but after all those Vampire 'growing pains' stories and tech details (it is not 100% compatible) I changed my mind and so I will never get rid of my CS060 unless I get rid of my whole A4000.

ps: Same opinion applies when Phake5 cards are available
Until the Vamp reaches Platinum status with fully working FPU I consider this all a big Beta test. But hey. It's FPGA tech. In the end, the core will be more compatible than the 060 (which frankly is quite useless without a pile of custom libs) so all argument about keeping the genuine 060 due to better compatibility will be rendered invalid.
I will keep my 1260 for other reasons. Partly because I don't need to recover the cash but mostly because I collect hardware. Others will have different argument for either keeping or selling.

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