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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
I don't personally know anyone willing to trade their 060-board for a Vampire, mainly due to the fact that the Vampire is (at least not currently) guaranteed to work with all 060 software
Come on, that's a moot point.
If we agree that the V1200 is coming in the future its pretty much guaranteed it will not be the same version of the core as the current "Gold 1". We all know they are working on the FPU...
I have a 1260 AND a Vampire in the A600 and I'm waiting for the FPU to happen so I can try some Q2 mapping. I'm not interested in the V1200 either until that happens, but obviously, the V1200 is still being designed, so claiming I don't want it because of the current state of the core is... Oh well... I'll leave it there.. 😆

And to the other comments from some other posters:

Frankly 17 (or so) guys posting they'll never get rid of their Blizzards will not really change anything, will it? 😁

The theory here was that *some* will decide to part with their 1260s feeding the second hand market perhaps with just as many units as there are potential buyers left. It's 2016, most of those who desperately wanted a 060 got it 20 years ago, so those still left wanting can't be a huge number?
Like I said a number of times before, this is obviously speculation, but I'd be surprised if owning a V1200 with say platinum core would have zero impact on the willingness on *every buyer* to sell the hardware they no longer (or rarely) use.
If you are the one who is taking the 1260 to your grave, that's fine, there's a bunch of us (yes me too), but surely not everyone..

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