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Toni Wilen
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Genlock video support implemented...

genlockmode=video (This can be changed using GUI)
genlock_video=<path to video file> (config file only so far)


- Uses old and obsolete DirectShow SampleGrabber filter which apparently works better (you get the raw data directly, not some D3D surface) and faster (real time, not some frames/second..)..
- Not all video formats supported. Randomly chosen AVIs seem to work. Some randomly chosen WMV didn't.
- Video to Amiga scaling only supports integer scaling. (1/4*, 1/2*, 1*, 2*, 4*)

Technically same code can be used to show real time webcam video (or any other directshow compatible video stream) if really needed..

If not working: Check the log first!

Static custom png image:

genlock_image=<path to png image file> (config file only)
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