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Now he posted an oversized "prototype board" to "prove" it is real (no proof, could be a recovered 90s prototype, just look at pcb close up how worn and yellowed some of the stickers are!) but when i commented that he initially said to remake the exact same cards as in the 90s, and when he would get "sufficient funding" he would consider making newer designs. So why the need for a totally new and different prototype NOW before even the original design was remade...

guess comment deleted and no reaction!! That would never happen with a serious/legitimate company IMHO.

This starts to look like a Nigerian 419 scam. Anyone handing money over to this guy in advance is nothing but a moron.

Ps: and notice the prototype PCB has NOTHING in common with the CADCAM PCB design screenshots released as teasers.
But i guess i won't ask that question either as it will be deleted in silence once more...

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