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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Yes, there's a few positive reports on

I guess that Vlad's problem is similar to what I've had a week or two ago with another customer: He installed a Buster-11 in a 16MHz board, which does not work (Buster-11 requires 25MHz clock for the 68030 processor). However, Vlad does not seem to be my direct customer, so please contact your reseller and sort out the problem with him.

I am your direct customer, order made 3/28/2015. I'll get in touch with you directly. I had those NAK timeouts on A4000t with Cs MkII, A4000d with WE40, and finally on that 3000. I've put Deneb and Mediator with spider in a4000's. I'll send you an email, it is A3000 with buster 11 and 25 MHz CPU. Although I think I need to replace caps on main board and daughter board. I couldn't get Picasso II to work on it with P96 drivers, it used to work at least two years ago and now the install script tells me it is running in segmented mode - but it clearly is not, jumper is correct and two IDs reported as boards.
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