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Originally Posted by ma693541 View Post
@Signman and what about the Customs and VAT for a expensive thing as an A1200 or A500 bought overseas?
VAT or whatever tax is charged in a country is local tax to that country, you don't pay it on imports, and this is a USED ITEM, it doens't pay TAX, as it isn't NEW merchandise.

You do pay custom taxes, and CN22 (custom declaration) forms are the same world wide and the way you fill it up is the same. They ALL can mark things as gift (mandatory, it isn't a commercial merchandise) and the value, well, don't want to run into a legal argument here so I'll leave that one up to you, but if you're a stick in the mud, you probably are gonna pay ridiculous custom taxes over an item that shouldn't pay them.

Comparing to USA isn't fair though, European countries in general are stricter in regards of custom duties of import items. US has more lax/bigger limits.
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