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And here is another press relese quoted. Read carefully clause 6 and combine it with $10m invested and draw your own conclusion.

"Hmmzz , i first read the news on Planet Multimedia, a magazine from my privider which is most of the time exact...
I can send everyone who's interested a copy , but its in dutch...

its say's
1) that the will com with there OWN emu...

2)That they bought the name commodore for 9.77 mil. Euro.

3)They allready tried to sell under the commodore name without succes

4)When there portal gets a reaseneble size they want to make hardware, but they didnt want to specify anithing at all to Planet Media exept for some Clothing like tshirts with probebly a commodore logo ...

5)They want to sell old games and that IronStone will greate new games.

6)the told Planet media that the problem is that we think al the games are for free now "
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