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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
the question was how you reason around offering Amiga Reloaded mobo without CPU ;-)
That's a lot easier, as installation of an A1200 accelerator cannot be messed up (impossible to install upside-down or bend pins), and using the warranty IDs of the cards, I can track who this was sold to, and who is responsible for service. Hint: If you buy something that is supposedly still under warranty, you should make sure that the seller also transfers the warranty to your name (piece of paper, two addresses, single sentence, seller's signature, done). Otherwise the warranty won't apply to you as a buyer.

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
I'm not too sure about laws and such in this matter, but I Imagine if I was in Jens's position Id offer a card with CPU pre-installed with full warranties etc and a second card with empty socket that is sold "as is" where the user agrees to a EULA that specifies that Jens can not be held responsible for damage caused by third party, untested CPUs.
I have already checked this possibility with a German lawyer. The idea "sell a memory card for 400,- EUR that just happens to also work with an 060 CPU" doesn't work in European B2C business. Even if you specifically exclude the possibility of inserting a CPU, the mere existence of the socket on the board implies that it has a functionality, thus I am responsible for it.

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
(Have you ever read a full EULA when you install Windows or iOS etc.. no one would actually do it if they fully understood it.)
That's an American EULA, which is pretty safe to ignore within Europe, as any EU law is above any B2C license agreement. The beauty of CETA and TTIP not in force (and hopefully never will).

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