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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
There is no trouble to make it work with a CPU of some type, but "who pays for the service of finding out that the CPU is faulty?". The engineering time until you have *proven* (not just tried) that the CPU is at fault and the card is A-OK can easily be more expensive than the card itself.

So now we have a customer who purchased a card w/o CPU for maybe 400,- EUR. He also spent some amount for a CPU, puts both together and finds that it does not work.

The CPU came "from eBay", and the seller won't answer eMails. So the whole thing goes to me, and I'll do a 500,- EUR job proving that the CPU is at fault, and the card only suffered minor scratches, but works fine.

Customer refuses to pay, even threatens me with a lawyer, so I have to pay for all shipping. He then executes his right of revocation, leaving me with a scratched card, shipping cost and unpaid engineering work. If worse comes to worse, he even claims that my card has damaged his 200-EUR-CPU and makes me pay for that.
Not my kind of business.

@Schoenfeld First of all, I said I understand your standpoint, the question was how you reason around offering Amiga Reloaded mobo without CPU ;-)
(e.g. someone tries to use the mobo with an ACA card he got off eBay, he has no idea if this card is working until he can test it with Amiga Reloaded and if it doesn't work, will he send back the Reloaded mobo? ebay seller says "no returns", sold "as is")..
Oh well, we don't see the the Reloaded mobo anywhere anyway, so maybe this will not be an actual problem.

@LordAga, I get that, but there is also a whole bunch of experienced users who have perfectly legit, working 040s and 060s lying around. (I have a couple of spare, perfectly working 040s myself as I only use the rev6 060 on the A1200)
I'm not too sure about laws and such in this matter, but I Imagine if I was in Jens's position Id offer a card with CPU pre-installed with full warranties etc and a second card with empty socket that is sold "as is" where the user agrees to a EULA that specifies that Jens can not be held responsible for damage caused by third party, untested CPUs.
(Have you ever read a full EULA when you install Windows or iOS etc.. no one would actually do it if they fully understood it.)
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