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@Unknown_K. There wouldn't even be a C64 scene today if not for these "illegal sceners". And my reference was that the original game authors/publishers are the copyright holders to those games,not these parasites,so why should they be entitled to claim any revenue for old C64games-they don't own them?!

How's this for vague, this is paraphrased from Lemon...........
......."I emailed both Tulip and Ironstone earlier today, asking the following questions:

* What action would you take against 'unofficial' Commodore 64 websites?

* Would you be prepared for the 'unofficial' websites to display something
like 'This is an unofficial C64 website' and/or 'Commodore is the
trademark of Ironstone', for example?

* An official C64 emulator is mentioned - Is this an existing emulator or a
new one?

* How do you plan on making money from 'classic games' when the rights
are with the programmers and software houses?

* Can you supply any further details on your plans?

Well this is what I got back:

Dear Lee,

Now that the news has broken regarding our license deal with Tulip we are very happy to have received a huge amount of email from the C64 community. So that we can give you an early response as to what we are planning to do and hopefully put right some of the misconceptions that are starting to appear we have prepared the brief statement below.

· The Directors of Ironstone have a combined video games experience of over 100 years and most of us have at some point built games for the C64. For example, our Creative Director has built over 30 games and our CTO has written over 36 games and 3 books on the C64. In fact, our CTO had the second machine ever imported into the UK. As a result our interest in C64 is based on our passion for this great system.

· The reason we’ve been prepared to put a lot of money into this deal is because we feel the C64 community, and the people who have kept the C64 alive for so long, deserve the support of the brand and technology owners. In other words, we want to work with you and support you.

We consider ourselves as very much on the side of the C64 community and not as a “faceless profit hungry organisation”, and because we believe that the community has done such a fantastic job of keeping the C64 alive, we’d like to enlist your help to inform everyone in the community of our intentions.

Finally, if you have any suggestions that you think will help us please let us know as the we can’t think of anyone better or more appropriate to help us bring the C64 brand back to prominence than the C64 community. Please send your suggestions to

Thanks again for your mail.

Kind regards.

The C64 Team at Ironstone.

I don't think it gives much info to be honest - It seems that they are keeping their cards close to their chests? They seem to have toned it down from their original press release, going on about 'official websites' etc.

Looks liek we will still have to wait for more details?
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