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Agree grond, but do not forget anyone can be a 1-employee paper-company "CEO" (as there are a lot of those fake "CEO's" or "Managing Directors" titles on LinkedIn), thus becoming an "entrepreneur" by definition.
Seemingly he spent 100€ on creating the new Phase5 company, buy a DNS entry for about 15€, take the old logo, and now calling him (moreover in broken English) "Phase 5 CEO"... compare that with Wolf Dietrich, the CEO of Phase5 in the 90s, no further comment...

This guy seems to have created a bunch of (paper-only) companies at the same time, most with a name as if related to Commodore and/or Amiga, as if "buying credibility/legitimacy" (as grond mentions with his previous P5 history) and going bankrupt a few weeks ago with his oldest company does not exactly sound like "successful" or transparent.

Of course some new batches of 060 cards would be nice, but only if the price was inferior to what they are going now for (but it sounds like it won't be cheap at all, since he is creating already so many excuses on FB how expensive it all is to make them, plus what he is asking on eBay for real old Amiga hardware (or socks ) are just total rip-off prices)

And do not forget these new cards may have manufacturing defects, seen the lack of experience from this new developer/manufacturer, and God help you how such defects will be supported/resolved...

I'll just take my popcorn and observe the next few months how this turns out, and how his "safety reasons" he claims as an excuse for not answering any of the critical questions are slowly unraveling...
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