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Originally Posted by Yulquen74 View Post
Can I ask if the 060's you accumulate are full rev.6?
I buy anything that's "full 040", and even "anything 060", even EC060 and LC060.

Originally Posted by Yulquen74 View Post
And if such 060's are used, will your board be able to go well beyond 50 MHz like other 060 boards by applying overclocking and cooling?
My design uses a large FPGA for all timing generation. The idea is to create all clocks within a single chip and run all components within spec, even if the CPU is clocked higher. This allows pretty much any combination of CPU/RAM clock, where it's most desirable to have whole-number multipliers between the two clocks (such as 40MHz for the 68040 and 120MHz for the 192MB RAM).

In essence, the design is overclocker's heaven, although it won't be user-settable at all. Should I have enough CPUs at one point, the card will work in it's delivered state, and in no other configuration.

Dirkies: Good job on your online research. This does pop a few questions: If the guy is so good at paperwork around founding companies, how would one believe that he *also* has an engineering expertise? His main skills are surely to make a company look legit.

JimDrew: There's a number of toolings you need for such a connector - not just the plastic parts, but also the pins, the bending tools and the insertion tools. Note that the A1200 connector is a good bit wider than most other 1.27mm-edgecard connectors, so standard insertion tools can't be used. My toolings are long paid for (had them made in 2006), which is why I can offer such a good price.
As for 060s from China: I have had shipments coming in through escrow services a number of times: All old stuff, pulled, re-labelled, part of them even 040s. I've done that a total of four times, with four different "sources" from China. All of them actually shipped the same stock to me, which I had to return because it's not what I've paid for. Luckily, I "only" lost the fees for the escrow service, but that's quite some money, given the fact that I only learned not to trust Chinese sources.

I'm not saying that there's no Rev.6 060s out there - it's just highly unlikely that we'll find the actual source without too many people in the middle, who all want to make their cut.

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