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I was busy posting when you'd already posted IFW, doesn't sound at all good,as much as I feared. What gets me is how in being a comercially "dead" product as you said, they couldn't have cared less, but after years of work from the true fans,(like the developers of CCS64 & VICE etc.),the guys who created the tools/format for preserving the old games,& the guys who helped build the retro-community like Kim Lemon's Lemon 64 site,& created from scratch & basically for virtually no personal gain, these parasites,(in their own minds),sensing a financial opportunity suddenly come along & wave a big legal stick threatening pay us,or get sued/shut down.

They've contributed absolutely nothing to the retro/emulation community,& then expect they can tell it how it's supposed to behave? It's an insult to the entire C64 community!

Much less they would certainly have no claim to any revenue from any games,what an insult that would be to the Manfred Trenz, Andy Braybrooks,Sensible Software's, Apex Software,all the guys who worked at System 3 etc. just to name a few. (And for the smarties out there, whilst I might have a few d64 images, I also have several original C64 titles bought from the 80's & 90's, so nerr!)

Here's hoping they go belly-up,I'm sure the retro C64 scene will not react kindly to this.
Geez,what next? Will Amiga Inc. suddenly walk in on BTTR & tell them they're not allowed to release old Amiga games,(despite gaining original author's permission),or claim CAPS as their own?
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