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Anytime corporate parasites see people having fun, it becomes important for them to take it away and attempt to extract money from it. Think of the punk kid at the beach that feels he must knock over the sandcastle that the nice kid has spent hours building. Each day sees the realisation of the dream coming true: that the joy and freedom that kicked off the internet web boom would be replaced by commerce. This Tulip incident, in a nutshell, is simply trying to remove the existing hobby community base, replace them or convert them into robots that will spend their money at this new portal on the exact same thing they previously were getting for free, followed by Tulip laughing all the way to the bank. Oddly, the very community that they believe will be making them rich is the community that they are alienating right this minute. Who else is there that cares about old CBM games except for the retrogaming community? And they believe they can take away these people's community and those users will turn around and reward their actions by pumping money into their greed box?

Are people really that dense? I guess we shall see.
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