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There *are* large stocks of 060's (rev 6) in China. MikeJ (FPGA Arcade Replay) has an 060 daughter board coming out and has access to them. You just have to be careful to make sure the 060's actually fully function (FPU, MMU). Whether these are knockoffs (probably) or not is irrelevant if they work. Mike's 060 interface is 113MHz... I am not sure exactly what his max clock rate has been.

Jens, you need to find a better tooling source. I typically pay about $1200 US for tooling per case set. I made 3 pieces (top/bottom/bezel) recently that was in a family mold for $1100. Overmolding or secondary pin insertion can't be that much extra. If I needed A1200 connectors, I would just have them produced not buy them from anyone, so perhaps that is what these people are doing? Only time will tell.

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