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Unless tulip has alot of cash for going to court it will be hard for them to make any cash going after c64 sites and people using the name. If you ever noticed the companies that protect their name the most are the ones with alot to lose like disney, sony, nintendo, Microsoft, etc.

The real problem will come when tulip goes under after winning a court case or 2 and some large corperation buys them out who has the cash to really fuck anybody who is left using the commodore name.

Still I dont see much money to be made from all of this except for liscencing the name to other people, which is the whole reason to own the commodore name in this day and age.

Somebody owns the patents, name, and copyrights to every old defunct computer maker that walked the face of the earth. The patents will run out, the copyrights and name wont be worth anything unless you protect them legally (which is what tulip is doing).

I think in a few years all the rom and 8/16 bit traders will have to go underground again because of stuff like this.
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