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I've read the official press release.
It is basically saying - translated from English to English - that what you found so far on the internet for free for the C64 you'll be paying for big time very soon. It will also turn c64 emulators into branded products or pursue them legally. Same goes for any hardware addons or machines like C=1.
The only point they are making is to have a royalty from anything sold for c64, pretty much like the gif patent fiasco. (we use png now, but you just can't turn yor c64 into something else so changing to png won't happen this time)
And to turn free communities into dead-cow-milking opportunity.

The rest is an encouragement to potential investors and/or shareholders pointing out that the c64 fan base is easy to milk, and anyone not joining will be shut down, so no chance of getting anything for free anymore.

This is true of course if it happens before Tulip goes bust - hopefully before they can pull it off.
Even if it happens I suggest not to pay for any such "service" (like downloading cracks) as you are encouraging and paying for legal actions against "unofficial" sites if you do, and attract further financial interest. This will spread faster than a virus in that case, and soon you'll find you are paying for Spectrum, Atari, and even ZX81 programs too.
If you want to pay for anything c64 buy c64 addons, support poor emulator authors with shareware fees like the CCS64 guy, register scene/new/remastered/enhanced games like Newcomer and help dumping and scanning projects.
Or find the original authors of the games and pay them directly, they were quite often ripped-off, and all the ip belongs to them for real.

Actually we have discussed this possibility in caps several times, and my opinion was that it is going to happen.
I wish I was wrong

note: this is my personal opinion others may join it though

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