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Originally Posted by SnkBitten View Post
It's surprising how these old systems can still create the desire to buy new things/upgrades for them

I was given a very low mileage A1200 last week for past services rendered. I'd never even seen one 'in the flesh' before then but the bug bit immediately and it's already been stripped, cleaned, mildly hydrogen peroxided to remove the slight yellowing from the case and keycaps.

I'm currently in the process of modifying an AV-to-HDMI converter for internal installation (no case mutilation involved ) and setting up a 4GB CF-to-IDE adaptor so I can run Classic Workbench direct from 'hard drive'. I just need to source a 4MB RAM expansion from somewhere and I'm good to go.

The level of excitement comes close to 35 years ago when I bought a Sinclair ZX81 in kit form and built that up from scratch. Lovin' it!
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