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Originally Posted by frost242 View Post
Would it be possible for you to sell the accelerator without CPU ?
Only in a true B2B contract, but the only time I've done something like that, it backfired badly on my name: Remember the ACA1231, which was produced with a supply of CPUs that I did not verify to my standards, just believing "these will run fine if overclocked".

The result was that I had enormous efforts getting the cards to work properly, and still today, people are using it as "bad example" of my products.

What I've learned is that I shall not sell anything that involves a third-party key component. If I do that, it's like a three-way contract, where it's possible that one points at the other and says "it's his fault!". This could continue forever, and the customer has no benefit at all.

I choose not to go that route. I sell fully-guaranteed products, or no product at all. Not a single "businessman" has kept up with a promise like "I'll do the support" or "I'll keep your name out of it" (where it's really hard to hide my name if my WEEE number must be printed on the board). Heck, I don't even know a single reseller who owns a PGA-18 chip-puller, so the mere lack of this tool makes it impossible to provide proper service.

If the stock of CPUs exists, I'm happy to buy it. At this point, we all have our reasons to doubt that it exists.

re KEL: Part no. 8817-200-170S and 8807-200-170S are 200-pin connectors for the A3000/A4000. I have a large stock of both.

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