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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Ciao Toni, I noticed with all versions of WinUAE, by a strange mistake you get a partial copy if you try to copy all the contents of the unzipped folder on an Amiga volume, if copying the archive contents through DOpus 4 this does not happen.

Else, RAR archives are not supported and you do Drag-and-drop, while you can compact the file in the folder with an unzipping tool, But be careful if you try to do the double click on RAR from Dopus4 to see the content store, WinUAE crashes (sometimes it does not happen)

I hope that the translation is understandable attach screenshots exhaustive.
RARs do work but you need unrar.dll.

Screenshots won't help much. Attach the dump file but first make sure:
a) JIT MUST be off!
b) winuae.exe must be either final or official beta.
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