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Originally Posted by Signman View Post
They are not the most responsive people as far as following up on after sales inquiries.
When I purchased, part was shown to be in stock. A few days later it shows as pending. Ok, fine but give me a clue as to when. They also charged my card without having stock, not the way US sales works, is this normal?
It really depends on how busy we are. Leading up to shows can cause slow downs in replying to support issues (currently getting ready for Amiwest). I am aware of your ticket as I have only just had time to start going trough them. Also bear in mind, we were at an Amiga meeting last weekend, so it all has a knock on effect. Im currently looking into your issue.

Akira is also right. You get charged instantly for anything you buy online, when using either paypal or card.

Originally Posted by kirk_m View Post
Response times have varied greatly in my experience with them. Sometimes, they are extremely prompt and ship within a day. Other times, I've had items marked as "being picked" or some other status for almost two weeks. The latter situation reflects what you are describing, for my purchase of an "in stock" item. For the most part, they respond to service inquiries within a day, but, I've had at least one very long support issue in which I feel was forgotten about (it took over 2 months to resolve, even with weekly reminders from me, and then daily).

I don't know if this is normal, or not, for other countries, but, we in the US have become spoiled by the speed at which items arrive from companies like Amazon. I will say, however, that Vesalia in Germany has been very prompt to ship items, as is iComp and But, I have also found those three stores to also be virtually unresponsive to inquiries sent to them via email, or, even through their own support portals.
Again, really depends on how busy we are. I doubt any one realises that I make atleast 80% of stuff on the store. We are working on trying to get some shelf stock built up to help.

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