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Toni Wilen
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Beta 10:

- OpalVision emulation. Not fully supported yet, King of Karate does not work but for example OpalPaint mostly work with some glitches.
- ColorBurst emulation, partial. Only existing software seems to be "CB Paint Update" in TOSEC. ColorBurst is functionally nearly identical to OpalVision but has less features. Note: that most test programs are buggy and very CPU speed sensitive, the slower the CPU the less you see..
- It was not possible to edit directory harddrive volume or device name.
- Current visible RTG display state was not fully re-initialized when system was reset.
- Increased GUI max size limits to support very high resolution screens.
- Some accelerator boards (for example CSMK1) mapped 128k board to Z2 autoconfig space when correct size was 64k. Caused validation halt error and/or reset loop if it wasn't last Z2 board.

OpalVision and ColorBurst note: Multiple per-pixel calculations are needed to render the output (priority/plane/genlock stencil masking, memory bank selection, color modes, copro line-based mode changes, etc..). If it is too slow: buy a new PC. I am not going to optimize it.
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