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genlock feature update

Sorry for taking you back to 3.2.0 release series, but the new Genlock feature is quite interresting for me.

As it once said:
New Most Pointless Feature Ever:
- Genlock emulation can now replace transparent pixels with noise pattern or static image.
- Implements also ECS new genlock features (I still think there is no software that uses them..)
- Transparency control.

So, the question is if what if the Winuae Emulator window simply could become transparent instead?
Allowing whatever users has on their desktop to shine through? Not sure how the window of winuae emulation is programmed (opengl, directx layer?) - but there is a transperancy function for regular microsoft windows of course to allow that.

So, we could place a movie under the main winuae emulator window, with the background (instead of test card and noise) to be seen through.

Just delete my question if I'm interrupting and otherwise fine thread of the beta 3.4.0 series, I see many others thought that genlock feature was useless and voted down, only to see it actually was implemented in some form of....well, useless way of testcard or noise pattern afterall, so hoping my wish could become part of a final 3.4.0 series, heh uhh.

The reason for asking is because I'm currently programming a subtitle program to mimic 80-90's style of captions seen on tv and vhs videos from that time period, along supporting a timed Scala script export with intended use with real amiga and genlock, but thought trying it out first with Winuae software/coding wise, lazy way, (even just testcard and noise) DO something for me at least for now, so dont make a big deal out of it if not interresting :-)
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