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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
A little back-of-the-envolope calculation:

Imagine they take 500,- EUR per card and collect this kind of money from 200 users, that's 100.000,- EUR in their pocket for doing nothing but a little paperwork.

Remember that "UG" is the "small GmbH" in Germany: If it goes bankrupt, there is hardly any capital that "customers" can hold on to (this form of company is commonly called the "1,- EUR GmbH"). So far for the bad news and for my usual warning: Don't pay upfront, unless you have a *person* and not this UG as your contractor.

Some math: They claim to have paid a five-digit-sum for A1200-connector tooling. They claim to be entrepreneurs. If that would be so, they would have asked me as well, because pretty much everyone should know by now that the tooling *share* that I charge is 6000,- EUR. That's probably half of what they are paying now. Why spend so much extra money? I have not been contacted at all. This may have personal reasons, so it may not have anything to say.

Some fact: They claim that the MACH chips are still available - probably from Lattice. Not correct. Yes, something pin-compatible is available, but that's not voltage compatible. Also, it is highly questionable if the old Jedec files are compatible with the new chips, so aside from altering the PCB design, they might have to re-compile sources that they do not have.

They claim to have a large stock of 060 processors. This may be true, but again, it's totally against what I know from distributors, chip brokers and a contact within Freescale (ex-Motorola). Among chip brokers, owners of stock usually exchange pictures of the boxes with visible datecodes and lot numbers, so they can be cross-checked with the manufacturer. If the lot/datecodes are removed, you MUST assume that the source is "China", and the contents are highly questionable. Here's where they can gain points.

If that stock of CPUs really existed, I'd be more than interested in buying it. I could finally make an 040/060 design if I had sufficient CPU supply. I'm all prepared, just accumulating CPUs since quite some time.

not fully correct... UG can be created with small capital but the founder still has to guarantee for (if I remember right) 25.000 EUR, whereas the normal GmbH was founded with that sum but the founder can use the money for buying equipment, salary and so on so in reality behind GMBH is no or not much capital. For that reason most banks ask for personal guarantees when you need a credit.
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