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Originally Posted by dirkies View Post
I cannot believe they would push it so far if this was a hoax... but yes, seeing is believing, still no hard proof.

And I quite disagree with their agressive/arrogant statement:
"For a small view to the right now "situation" and a special hint for -proof & fact- of important parts already delivered to us for the production, as a very clear and verified evidence, in contrary to a few incompetent and not involved individuals talking and spreading pure nonsense and false information about us and our products in some old external Amiga Forums, "


They/He should understand with all the vaporware over the years and the way this is being marketed (awfully clumsy IMHO) what did he expect?
But he's not necessarily wrong either ;-)

You can assume a thing or two about what ppl should know or do in a situation like this one.. but it's also obvious there are those who are a bit.. how should I put this... more cynical... than necessary - who will actively shoot down pretty much anything thrown their way just because they can and never give the benefit of a doubt, no matter what.

I'm sure this behaviour comes with years of repeated disappointments, but it's still an active choice everyone makes in each such case.

I'm not saying whether this is legit or not but I'm saying ppl have a choice to simply wait and see instead of actively bashing any given announcement / project.

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