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Back once again

Hi All,

Having been an Amiga user through most of the 90's back when I ran my BBS, I have decided to dig my old machines back out to tinker with whilst waiting to eventually get to the front of the queue for a Vampire 2.

Have been a long time lurker of the forums even though the Amiga's were shut away in the loft, so having dug them out I figure I should finally sign up on here.

Running 2x A600's and already cost money buying loads for them. Just added a SUM A600 as after all these years my love for the Amiga keyboard is not what it once was, a Rys MK2 (great piece of kit that is), and been working on adding a PicoPSU to power it. I have actually designed an external case to 3d print for it if anyone wants the files for it.

Good to see the Amiga scene still has a good following, and that there's still hardware being designed for it.


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