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Arrrgh, I can't take it anymore, this thread is sooooo painful...

JZon, however you made the .ISO / copied the files from the original CD-ROM previously is the issue here; pretty much guaranteed

Please listen to what other people have already said, especially Toni and also what Arnie mentioned in post #29.

If you want to actually move forward with this forget whatever you've done previously and you'll probably need to do something like:

... Find your original CD.
... Put it in your computer's CD/DVD drive.
... Start WinUAE and load your config.
... Select "CD & Hard Drives", tick "CDFS automount CD/DVD drives".
... Select Start.
... Once your HDF has started you should have an icon for the CD drive.
... Double-click it, find something that is probably an install script, run it and follow instructions.

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