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Joliet.. sweet.

Um... Mom's closet... Yes, I suppose I could go digging. (no telling where) I copied it straight to a file folder as it was..

It's simply it's own directory on hard drive now. No problems there. I don't think the CD was active like that, I think it was only an install CD. (you mean like put the CD in and it does everything?) It was probably the better part of two years ago, maybe more, when I last had the Aladdin box on deck. I tried it back then and quickly found out how envolved it was shaping up to be and put everything on hold then. It wasn't like an original CD with old school graphics, it was a recent looking burn. The directory was 16 folders and 16 files on the face.

I managed to be able to execute all the files I could ascertain from the instructions, watching in SnoopDos, no errors, it just didn't do anything in the end. Desktop was still active, no freezes. (I think maybe the freezes were from executing from wrong folders)

Then, looking around for the magic file, I found more unpacked .z files all over the place. Got them in position, consolidated the .z's to a DotZs folder(s), and came across a new install patch! The Ftp folder had a lot of stuff. (see attached)

So following this brought a new error.

'Aladinn4D:' does not appear to contain a copy of Aladdin 4D 5.0

So, I think I've done everything right in the correct order, I want to proceed, but, I'm not sure..

Should I try it?

Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

Name:	Aladdin 4D 5.0.PNG
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