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Unhappy Got to Rebuild my A1200

Well less than a month after getting a HD installed in my A1200, and finally getting OS 3.1, WHDLoad, various games, demos and utilities working, I have to take the hard drive out of my Amiga to donate to a laptop and start again with another drive.

What I'm wondering is whether to bite the bullet and install OS 3.9. The A1200 has a Blizzard 030/50 with 32Mb RAM. But I'm pretty much against towering it, so it will be staying on standard AGA graphics.

Is there much point in shelling out for 3.9? 70% of my usage of the machine is A500 games via WHDLoad, with a bit of other demo and music playing...

What do you think? Is 3.9 OK as a games OS or are the compatibility issues?
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