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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
CDFS automount CD/DVD drives is ticked. But, I'm using an iso image from this laptop's hard drive. (used ImgBurn, Data Type: MODE1/2048, File System: ISO9660 + UDF) (There are other options including straight ISO9660 and straight UDF)
I think you've inadvertently been making things very hard for yourself!

It sounds like you used ImgBurn to create an ISO image from the files on the Aladdin CD. For example if your CD drive is E:, you probably used the ImgBurn option "Create image from files/folders" then selected the files in E:\. That's how you managed to mangle/truncate various filenames.

What you should do, is use the "Create image file from disc" option. If you put your original Aladdin CD in the drive and do that, you should get an ISO image corresponding to your Aladdin CD. That should have all filenames intact.
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