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Campaign Update - Mass production is around the corner

Last update:
This is it: Manufactured Case No.1 & No.2! YEAH!

Many Thanks to all of you for your patience.
Mass production is around the corner while we proceed to last verification using a couple cases produced using the new A1200 case molds.

Whatever some people may have said, we made it.
The new molds are here and this is a total of 6 Tons of steel with the name AMIGA on it!

Remember these are new Official Amiga 1200 cases licensed by Amiga Inc.

And because of you my friends, this happened for real

Now regarding compatible Keycaps:
The new campaign will be launched when cases mass production starts.
And this is very near now. 7 to 10 days or so.
Campaign will last 60 days.
Backers will receive their cases way before the keycaps campaign ends of course.

Stay tuned for some more update very (VERY!) soon.
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